Cheers to Your Mental Health …

As we ring in the new year, we always toast for a happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year. We make resolutions to improve our physical health by promising to better our diet and to begin or be more consistent with exercising. Where is the resolution to improve our mental health and well-being?

Mental Happiness

At MindScape Ketamine & Infusion Therapy, we firmly believe that our mental well-being is a segue to our physical well-being. If our depression, anxiety, or other mood disorder becomes all encompassing, this directly effects our physical health. In order to compensate how we feel, we over/under eat, lose interest in any form of physical activity, and become anti-social. Our lives now consist of existing rather than LIVING life.

What Can We Do?

While taking care of our mental health may involve professional therapy and medicine, there are 5 things we can do on our own to boost our mood and allow us to enjoy life again.

Open Up Our Feelings

It’s important to feel valued by others as this helps us think more positive about ourselves. When we open up and become more trusting of others, we see their positive traits. This in turns helps us to better recognize our own rather than our feelings of depression or anxiety.

Acts of Kindness

Research has shown that helping others has a beneficial effect on our mental well-being. When we display acts of kindness, this gives us value and self-worth which builds our self-esteem.

Focus on The Here and Now

When we focus on the present moment this allows us to disassociate from our negative or difficult emotions from past experiences that makes us depress or anxious. Pay attention to the senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and sounds of even the most mundane of our daily routines. This can be simple activities such as taking a shower, eating dinner, or a stroll.

Know We Are Not Alone

As we struggle through our depressive and anxious feeling, we feel isolated and alone. We are not. Our family and closest friends have always been there ready to wrap us up like a warm blanket if we only allow them too. They have seen our struggles and want to provide that support that we all need. They know that its not a matter of “snapping out of it” but rather an internal emotional fight that we engage in every day.

Make Your Mental Health a Priority

Don’t wait until you are in crisis to make your mental health a priority. Begin today. You have the power to take a positive step for a better you. MindScape Ketamine & Infusion Therapy can help you along this journey. Don’t exist… LIVE life!

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By Dr. Quang Henderson

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If you are currently suffering from suicidal thoughts, please contact your local crisis center or call 911.

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